IoT Car Park Controller

IoT Car Park Controller

The Challenge

Divvy is a company that applies market-leading technology to solve the parking problem. Divvy is a socially and environmentally responsible company. Their vision is to build smarter, more efficient cities through smarter parking solutions.

Electronics by Design was engaged by Divvy to develop a IoT Car Park controller that could control secure vehicle access in and out of a commercial carpark that would be compatible with the client’s existing Azure platform.

Our Approach

Electronics by Design adopted a multidisciplinary approach, working with a team with expertise across various fields such as operations, IT and embedded hardware development. 

Working together, we seamlessly devised the architecture and operation of the solution in a way that satisfied the client’s vision and all stakeholders.

The Solution

Electronics By Design engineered a custom-designed IOT Controller. The IoT Controller helps building managers automate and control the on/off functions of low-voltage assets such as parking gates, door latches, turnstiles, or water pumps through IoT. 

Electronics By Design developed a hardware solution that centred around a very secure MediaTek/Microsoft microprocessor that seamlessly connects to the client’s existing Azure platform. 


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