Electronics by Design.

We transform ideas into technology solutions


We transform ideas into
technology solutions

Electronics By Design is a boutique technical consulting company dedicated to bringing great ideas to life. From concept to production, Electronics by Design provides research, design, development, and technical advisory for the manufacture of custom electronic products.

Established in 1997, Electronics By Design has developed numerous IoT and technology products across a variety of industries including HVAC, building services, sustainability, indoor air quality, car parking, water management, lighting, hotels and hospitality.

What we do

Our Services

Icon - Research and Development
Research & Development

We can assist R&D projects from research to concept development and design:

  • Elementary research to validate hypothesis and ideas
  • Testing and reporting to prove or dispute theory
product development
Product Development

We deliver turnkey solutions – from specification to production:

  • Hardware development
  • Software development
  • Prototyping and field trials
  • Production and documentation
  • Customer acceptance testing
Icon - Technical Advisory
Technical Advisory

We offer over 20 years of expertise across a variety of disciplines and industries:

  • HVAC&R
  • Building services
  • Sustainability
  • Indoor air quality
  • Car parking
  • Water management
  • Lighting
Manufacturing Support

Our extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes can assist with: 

  • Material procurement
  • Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Delivery
  • Warranty
  • Servicing
Icon - Documentation

We can assist with the creation of documentation for every step of the design process, complete with: 

  • Extensive mechanical drawings and diagrams
  • Procedures
  • Materials procurement and Bill Of Materials (BOM)
  • Design, software and service manuals
Icon - Integration
Systems Integration

Our broad knowledge in IoT technologies means we can develop an integrated solution for your systems:  

  • Project management to build and roll out a solution
  • Configuration
  • Go live to customer handover
  • Support and advice
Benefits of electronics by design

Smart Cities,
Smart Solutions

With over 25 years’ experience, we specialise in the development of IOT technology across the built environment. We are dedicated to helping our clients stay at the forefront of their industry.

We understand that every project is different. That is why we pride ourselves on developing products on-time and on-budget, using a disciplined process to achieve your goals. We look at the big picture when it comes to product development, maximising benefits, features and performance while minimising costs.

Our collaborative approach means we can work alongside your team to achieve short term deliverables or assist with longer term project management capabilities.

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Ef is a dedicated specialist in embedded systems design that goes above and beyond the call to deliver exceptional results. With good attention to detail, he continues to deliver good value for money results - on-time. A pleasure to work with - Looking forward to our next project.
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