Electronics By Design can support the commercialisation of the new technology with detailed documentation.

We specialise in the development of product documentation to communicate relevant information about the product with key stakeholders.

Our services include:

Extensive Mechanical Drawings and Diagrams
  • Schematic and wiring diagrams.
Materials Procurement and Bills of Materials (BOM)
  • Materials procurement.
  • Bills Of Materials (BOM).
  • Software and firmware source codes with detailed comments to make understanding of the code as easy as possible.
  • Manufacturing procedures.
  • Test procedures for end of line and field testing.
Design, Software and Service Manuals
  • Design manuals explaining the electronic hardware and technical aspects of the product.
  • Software manuals with flowcharts explaining how the software and firmware is structured.
  • Mechanical drawings sowing all aspects of the product’s structure.
  • Service manuals to facilitate field and back to base repair.
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