Creating healthier workplaces with the Indoor Air Quality Sensor

Customised IAQ Solutions

At Electronics by Design, we collaborate with indoor air quality specialists, service providers and OEMs to tailor an indoor air quality solution for your brand. 

Engineered in Australia, the Electronics by Design IAQ Sensor has been purpose built to meet local regulations. Our white label services means we can design, engineer, manufacture, package and supply a customised indoor air quality sensor to suit your needs and your budget. 

Leave the entire process to us –  we take care of everything from design to packaging, all you need to provide is your logo!

IAQ Sensor Technology

Select from 9 parameters

Select from:

1. Wall mounted or desktop sensor

2. HVAC / Ductwork sensor

3. Car park sensor

4. Equipment monitoring


Power Supply
Select from:
  • Main external power
  • Battery operation with up to 3 years life.

Easily integrates with most HVAC, controls and dashboards using RS485, Modbus, LoRA, narrowband IOT

Low voltage solution
Wireless System
  • Cellular NB-IoT or LoRa

Easy to Install
  • Simple AC or DC connection to the building’s power source (wall mounted version)
  • Plug pack connection (desk mounted version).
Personalised branding with your logo

How It Works

Designed in Australia
for your IAQ needs

To learn more about the Electronics By Design IAQ Sensor technology, download the Technical Data Sheet. 

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