Product Development

product development

Electronics By Design can transform your idea into a complete product – from concept to production. We have a fully equipped design studio with development tools and resources or we can work at your premises. 

Whether you are a looking to complement your in-house product development team with specialist electronics engineering skills, or looking for a complete turnkey product development service, Electronics By Design can assist your organisation achieve your objectives, on time and on budget.

Our specialist service includes:

Product Development and Project Management
  • Development of product and design specifications
  • Project Management
Hardware Development
  • Microprocessors and microcontrollers up to 32 bit including Microchip, Atmel and MediaTek MT3620 for Azure
  • Ethernet hardware design for ethernet and Wifi
  • Wireless low power systems including cellular NB-IoT, LoRa, Zigbee, WiFi and ISM band
  • Low power switched mode power supplies.
  • Telephony products including full ACA compliance. 
  • All products are designed to pass EMC compliance first time.
  • Schematic and PCB capture using Altium
Software Development
  • Windows software in C++ and VB
  • Mobile software for Android and iPhone
  • Specialists in application code to communicate with hardware peripherals to make your IoT project come to life.
Firmware Development
  • C, Python and assembler firmware for most microcontrollers.
  • Support all processors from 8 bit to 32 bit.
  • Code written for many applications including TCP/IP, USB, LPWAN, cellular, IoT.
  • All firmware is flowcharted at the beginning, and updated during development.
  • Flowcharting is done using appropriate commercial software.
Industrial Design
  • Mechanical and industrial design.
  • Plastic enclosure design for new products.
  • Rapid plastics and injection moulded
Prototyping and Field Trials
  • Used to validate the entire solution – electronics, software, enclosures etc.
  • We go on site and remain on site at the manufacturer’s premises to supervise the prototype build, identify and document issues, resolve them and design them out at the next revision.
  • Multiple units will be field trialled – typically six to twelve in actual customer sites. This allows you to provide a heads up of the new product for potential customers to leverage initial orders.
  • Feedback and evaluation of results and issues throughout the trials is provided to the client.
Production and Documentation
  • We generate detailed drawings and manufacturing instructions including the bill of materials with alternate suppliers and substitute products. Nothing is left to chance.
  • We go on site and remain on site at the manufacturer’s premises to supervise and assist the first production run and ensure a smooth transition to market.
Customer Acceptance Testing
  • We work in conjunction with the customer to verify the product specifications have been satisfied through testing and evaluation.
  • We also verify “fit for purpose” specifications have been met.
  • Customer acceptance testing is usually undertaken face to face with the customer.
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