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Multi Head Cooler - Equipmed

MC5 Photo Front


  • Firmware development for the Equipmed MC5 Multi Cooler.
  • The MC5 is used to cool fluid which in turn cools a hair removal instrument used in the medical field to remove body hair.
  • Electronics By Design wrote the firmware for the MC5 and in conjunction with Equipmed, tested and validated it.
  • The MC5 has been in production since 2006. It uses a Zilog eZ80F91 Acclaim microcontroller with on board Flash, and RAM.
  • The eZ80F91 controls all functions of the MC5 including the pumps, the chiller, it monitors temperatures and raises alarms, controls the fans to manage cooling. It also manages the man machine interface ie pushbutton switches and the LCD display.
  • It also includes logging of events and error conditions.
  • The hardware was developed by Equipmed with input from Electronics By Design.
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