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Electricity Meter Handheld Unit

HHU Component Side PCBHHU Fascia

  • Designed the Ampy Email Metering HandHeld Unit (HHU) which is used to read and program electricity meters through an infra red port.
  • The HHU is a battery powered device with an LCD display. It has a USB port for connection to a PC, to download and upload data and programs.
  • Electronics By Design developed all the electronic hardware, low level software drivers, test code and documentation. Ampy Email Metering developed the application code.
  • Over 500 of these units are in service at Ampy Email Metering's clients since going into production in Q4 2003. Today the product is still available for sale, and has not been superseeded.
  • The product uses a Renesas 16 bit microcontroller, USB hardware, switched mode power supply and includes large amounts of flash memory, and a display controller.
  • Being battery powered, the product was required to be low power, and hence have a long battery life. Consequently, it was required to meet stringent power consumption design goals both for hardware and software.
  • The plastic case and keypad were conceived by Design + Industry, based on the primary design goal of extreme ruggedness, yet be easy to use and have an attractive appearance.
  • HHU product development required Electronics By Design to partner with Ampy Email Metering and develop a close and successful relationship, to ensure a fast design cycle, yet meet all the design goals.
  • Ampy Email Metering is Australia's largest and most successful electricity metering company.
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