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Product Development Process

We start with the view that every project is different. We assume nothing without first meeting with our client to reach a full and frank appreciation of their needs. We then work with them to draft a design specification outlining their requirements and how they will be met. This ensures a client’s design will be implemented using the latest and most cost effective design practices. We can set out a project plan with milestones and deadlines, and outline the deliverable items at each milestone.

Our design methodology is to use a top down approach, implying we look at the big picture of the product and design the underlying components to maximise features and performance, but minimise cost.

We subsequently proceed with the design of the product from concept to prototype stage. The prototypes are field tested to gauge client feedback. If the product is required to integrate with other systems, we perform integration testing to ensure everything is fully compatible. After field testing, we revise the product to implement changes and improvements learnt from the field trials, and proceed to a finished product.

With the design phase completed, we proceed to manufacturing. We procure materials, write manufacturing procedures, test plans, order components and manufacture the finished product. This is subsequently packaged and shipped to the client ready for sale. We support all products with warranty, customer service and work hard to eliminate product issues which may arise.

At every stage of the project, we document our design work. We also believe strongly in maintaining frequent dialogue with our client throughout the design project, and keep them informed of our progress at all times with regular meetings and progress reviews.

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