Support Agreement

Overview of the Minibarmaster support agreement covering all Minibarmaster systems and components.

Minibarmaster includes support and licensing. The Essential system includes support in the monthly fee, while the Premium is renewed in 12 monthly intervals through the payment of a renewal fee.

The support package provides complete protection for your investment, covering all hardware and software components of the Minibarmaster system. There are no other parties to deal with. We take ownership for ensuring all issues are rectified to our client's satisfaction.

Minibarmaster support includes the following:

  • Repair or replacement warranty on the handheld hardware for the first 12 months. If a handheld fails, it will be replaced at no cost to the client for parts and labour (physical damage is excluded from the warranty). In special circumstances we can also provide a loan handheld programmed with the hotel database and ready to use, while we rectify the faulty unit.
  • Telephone and email 18/7 support, 365 days a year including all public holidays to resolve issues that cause your system to fail to operate in line with your expectations. If remote access is available, we can log in and investigate the issue remotely from our office. This allows us to support any Minibarmaster site worldwide.
  • Licensing for unrestricted use of the software throughout the support and licensing period.

This information is a guide only. The client should consult the End User License and Support Agreement for further details.


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