Additional Products and Services

In addition to our Minibarmaster packages, we offer additional products and services.


Android Handhelds

We can supply additional or replacement handhelds, programmed with Minibarmaster software. Handhelds come with a rubber case, charger, and are ready to go live.

If your handheld is damaged and needs to be repaired, we can undertake to have this done at a nominal cost. You receive the repaired handheld programmed with the Minibarmaster software ready to use.


Source Databases Update Service

Source databases hold information about the minibar items, prices, hotel floors and rooms, and many other parameters. EBD configure this information into the Minibarmaster system upon installation.

Database updates are required if the hotel's minibar items or prices change, or the hotel is renovated and the floor plan changes, or minibar hotel staff change. The client can make these changes to the database, using our comprehensive documentation included with the system when it was installed.

Alternatively, we can be commissioned to make the necessary amendments at a small cost.


When a property purchases a Minibarmaster system, comprehensive training is included in the package. Due to staff turnover or other factors, re-training may be required sometime in the future. Electronics By Design offers training at various levels to suit all requirements from simple refresh training, to advanced comprehensive training covering all features of Minibarmaster Premium and Minibarmaster Essential.

Re-Installation Service

If a system needs to be re-installed either on the same computer or a different machine, Electronics By Design can undertake this service at a nominal charge.

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