Video Presentation

Presentation and demonstration video outlining Minibarmaster, including a hands-on demonstration of Minibarmaster Premium and Essential Systems.

The Minibarmaster video will take you through a complete presentation of Minibarmaster Premium and Minibarmaster Essential systems outlining the functions, features and benefits. 

It will also demonstrate the operation of both systems in a hands-on style, allowing you to understand exactly how each one operates.

The final part will outline the inclusions in each system along with pricing, Minibarmaster testimonials and the history of Minibarmaster.

It outlines everything about both systems and is ideal as a pre-purchase tool to answer all your questions and provide a clear understanding of both Minibarmaster products.

Before you view the Minibarmaster Video please consider the following information to maximise your user experience.

The video is quite comprehensive, and provides a Table Of Contents (TOC) on the side panel, allowing you to quickly navigate between sections. 

If you are viewing it on a machine using a mouse (such as a Windows PC or Mac), hover over the video to expose the TOC. To hide the TOC and zoom the video back to normal size, move the cursor away from the presentation.

If you are using a tablet  such as the iPad, Motorola Xoom, Galaxy Tab etc, tap the presentation to expose the TOC or tap away from the presentation to hide the TOC and zoom the video back to normal size. You can also scroll the TOC using the scroll bar, however if a scroll bar is not visible, pinch and hold your thumb and index fingers together, and move them up and down the Table Of Contents to scroll it.

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