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Detailed outline how the Windows based Minibarmaster Management Tools software operates. Includes screen shots, descriptions and sample reports.

minibarmaster management tools

Minibarmaster ships with Management Tools, designed to provide instant information on minibar sales, inventory, replenishment, DNDs, user productivity and expired products. Reports can be generated using data over any period of time. Management tools run on the minibarmaster computer.


Minibarmaster is supplied with pre-configured Managements Reports, which are available at the click of a mouse. If a client has specific information needs, EBD can design customised reports, which will be added to the Management Tools selection menu.

Examples of the key reports are outlined below. Sample reports are viewed by clicking on the report title.

  • Collections Report
    The collections report provides a summary of the total minibar sales for each room, for each day. A hotel staff member can generate this report and use it to manually post minibar sales into Fidelio or Opera, if a Smart Interface has not been purchased.
    The report shows the date of the postings, and the rooms that have sales recorded against them on that date. Rooms are also grouped by floor for easy reference.
  • Trolley Stocking Report
    The Trolley Stocking Report produces a list of the items and exact quantities required to load on the replenishment trolley. The report can be produced for a range of floors. For instance, if one trolley is used to restock floors 1-5, and another trolley is used to restock floors 6-10, separate reports can be produced for each floor group.
  • Replenishment Report
    The Replenishment Report lists the items and quantities to be replenished, on a room-by-room basis, for all floors selected by the user.
    This report minimises the time taken to complete replenishments, as it is easy to read, and precise, meaning hotel staff can enter the room carrying the exact stock needed to replenish the minibar, rather than fumbling though hand written dockets.
  • Sales And Profits Report
    The Sales And Profits Report shows the total sales and profits of every minibar item over a user selectable period of time. It shows quantity sold, COGS%, purchase price, sale price and gross margin. It allows management to analyse how much margin and revenue minibar is generating for the hotel, and the quantity of each item sold. It can be used to identify fast and slow moving stock.
  • Expired Products Report
    The Expired Products tool, finds rooms with minibar stock close to their use by date, which may require replacement. The report subsequently allows minibar staff to check and replace old stock before it does expire, and thus avoid guest complaints.
    Another type of expired product report shows product loses recorded on the handheld, and thus allows a hotel to view these losses over any period of time.
  • User Productivity Report
    The User productivity report shows the productivity of minibar staff over a set period of time. The report shows how many rooms each staff member has checked, the total time to check the rooms, and the average time per room. Hotel management can use the report to identify the most efficient staff and maximise their utilisation for managing minibar. Conversely inefficient staff can be coached and assisted to improve their productivity.
    A secondary report also shows the work sessions and breaks taken by staff, thus allowing management to review staff work practises, and identify inefficient staff.
  • Stock Ordering Report
    The Stock Ordering Report calculates the total minibar stock sold by the hotel over a period of time, and generates a pseudo purchase order with the appropriate items and quantities of each minibar item to replenish stock levels. The report alleviates the need for a person to manually manage minibar inventory and re-ordering.
    The report includes the cost price, SKU, quantity and total value of each item. Most importantly, it groups items by their respective suppliers, so the report can be handed to the hotel's purchasing department who can instantly generate a purchase order to purchase the required stock.
  • Room Status Reports
    There are two room status reports. One report shows the DNDs on any day, along with the time the room was found to be DND and the minibar associate who checked it.
    The second report shows DNDs and unchecked rooms allowing minibar associates to re-check all rooms.

sales search

The Sales Search function can recall previous minibar sales, during a guest stay, and display it on a PC. It provides a quick means to resolve guest inquiries regarding their minibar usage.

The user enters the room number, and the guest's check-in and checkout dates. Minibarmaster will display the items consumed, the quantity, and the price of each item. It will also detail the name of the minibar attendant who recorded the collection in the guest's room. In the event a guest disputes the bill and additional investigation is required, the minibar associate can be consulted. In addition, the minibar room status is shown so front desk can determine if the minibar has been checked, not checked, or was a DND.

Shown below is a screen of a sales history search. Click on the image to see a larger version.

The sales function screen can be printed as a Guest Minibar Purchases Report, which is suitable for attaching to the guest's bill. It shows the guest's minibar usage in an itemised format, similar to the softcopy. The guest's name can also be shown if required.

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