Description of the Minibarmaster Premium handhelds.


The handhelds are Android based portable devices, which are battery powered and contain a touch screen colour LCD display.

The handhelds supplied with the Minibarmaster system run a customised software application, specifically written to record minibar sales. The minibar associate enters sales for each room directly into the handheld. For detailed information, see minibarmaster handhelds .

Handhelds operate on the hotel's Wi-Fi network which can be the guest network or admin network. Alternatively they can operate on a 3G or 4G network using a SIM card. Both ways are equally effective. 

Voice calls, SMS and MMS (picture messaging) are barred to prevent unauthorised use. if a 3G or 4G network is utilised, a SIM card wil be required typically costing $20 per month per handheld on a casual plan.

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