Smart Interface

Description of the smart interface including operation, features and benefits


Minibarmaster Premium integrates the Smart Interface, allowing sales to be electronically posted to the guest room accounts in Opera and Galaxy PMS. Sales are recorded on the handhelds, sent to the Minibarmaster back-end system and posted directly into guest accounts in the PMS. The Smart Interface will also calculate denials if rooms are vacated, and post these to the denials account.

How It Works

Here is how it works:

  • If a room is occupied, the Smart Interface will post sales to the room and immediately charge the guest.
  • If a room is vacant, the Smart Interface will read the amount paid by the guest on checkout (if any), read the amount recorded on the handheld, calculate the difference and post it to the denials account if it's under a preset value or the late charge account i it's over this value. This is why it's called a "Smart" Interface.
  • Using the Smart Interface, postings reach the guest accounts instantly.
  • The Smart Interface generates a postings report showing room charges, room occupancy (vacant or occupied), as well as the time the sales were recorded on the handheld, the time posted, and the account posted to (room or variance account).


  • Completely eliminates manual postings into the PMS, hence saving an hour or more each day, with a resultant saving in staff wages.
  • Sales reach the guest account immediately, hence reducing denials and walkouts.
  • Not only does it post to occupied rooms, but also calculates and posts losses for departed guests, hence it performs all posting tasks. No other system can perform both of these functions.
  • Takes less time to post compared to other methods such as posting through the telephone, or TV. Minibar associates spend less time on the floors, hence saving wages and improving P&L results.
  • Running live in sites across Australia .
  • A sample Postings Report is available which allows front office staff to view all postings and late charge guests as required.
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