Description of the Minibarmaster Essential handhelds.


The handhelds are Android based portable devices, which are battery powered and contain a touch screen colour LCD display.

The handhelds supplied with Minibarmaster Essential system run a customised software application, specifically written to record minibar sales. The minibar associate enters sales for each room directly into the handheld. For detailed information, see minibarmaster handhelds .

If the hotel does not have a wireless infrastructure on the floors, a 3G capable handheld such as the HTC Wildfire S will be used. This handheld can communicate on the mobile phone network of Optus, Telstra or Vodafone to post sales to Opera via the Minibarmaster computer. 

As indicated above, the hotel does not require a wireless network for Minibarmaster Essential to function. By using a 3G capable handheld, Minibarmaster Essential can operate in any property. 3G handhelds will require a SIM card enabled solely for data. Voice calls, SMS and MMS (picture messaging) are barred to prevent unauthorised use. SIM card cost is typically $5 to $10 per month per handheld and does not require a contract with the network service provider.

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