Virtual Interface

Description of the Virtual Interface including operation, features and benefits.


Minibarmaster Essential includes the Virtual Interface, allowing sales to be wirelessly posted to front office so cashiers can view if a room's minibar has been checked and if so, what items were consumed. This information reaches front office a matter of seconds after the room is checked. The cashier can then charge the guest at the point of checkout maximising the opportunity to reduce denials and walkouts.

Minibarmaster Essential can interface with most PMS systems by providing an electronic file of the postings for all rooms and write off accounts. A staff member can upload the file into the PMS in a few minutes usually at the end of the day saving hours of work for front office.

How It Works

How does the Virtual Interface generate the postings file for uploading into the PMS? Here is how:

  • If a room is occupied, the Virtual Interface will mark the sale to be posted to the room.
  • If a room is vacant, the Virtual Interface will know the amount paid by the guest on checkout (if any), calculate the loss (if any), and mark the amount to be posted to the denials account if it's under a preset amount or to the late charge account if it's over this amount.
  • The Virtual Interface performs these calculations and generates an electronic file ready for uploading into the hotel PMS. A minibar associate performs the upload and can post an entire hotel no matter what size, typically in 5 minutes (assuming your PMS offers upload capability).
  • The Virtual Interface generates a postings report showing room charges, room occupancy (vacant or occupied), as well as the time the sales were recorded on the handheld, the time posted, and the account posted to (room or denials or late charge account). Every posting is detailed in the report.

Front Office Minibar Charging

Minibarmaster Essential is wireless and thus automatically posts charges to front office cashiers, a matter of seconds after they are recorded on the handhelds. The cashier uses a Minibarmaster application on their PC to enter the room number of the guest checking out, and instantly view their minibar charges in the Minibarmaster system (assuming their room has been checked). They subsequently enter the charge into the guest account as a block total. Shown below is the screen which implements this functionality.

Front Office Minibar Check


  • Eliminates manual postings into the PMS, hence saving an hour or more each day, with a resultant saving in staff wages.
  • Sales reach the guest account earlier, hence reducing denials and walkouts.
  • Not only does it post to occupied rooms, but also calculates and posts losses into write off accounts for departed guests, hence it performs all posting tasks.
  • Takes less time to post compared to other methods such as posting through the telephone, or TV. This means minibar associates spend less time on the floors, hence saving wages and improving P&L results.
  • Reduces denials because front office cashiers can instantly view if a guest's minibar has been checked, and hence charge them at the point of checkout reducing the opportunity to deny or walkout.
  • A sample Postings Report is available which allows front office staff to view all postings and late charge guests as required.
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