Outline of the training provided for Minibarmaster systems when they are installed, prior to going live.

Minibar Staff Training

Front line Minibarmaster staff who will use the system on a regular basis are trained immediately after installation. Training consists of two phases.

Initial hands-on training using the installed Minibarmaster system is provided on day 1. This takes 2-3 hours and focuses on how to use the handheld.

This is followed by further hands-on training on the morning of day 2 for a further hour, focussing on using the Minibarmaster Management Tools on the PC.

The Minibarmaster trainer then walks the floors with minibar staff while they use the handhelds to record sales. The trainer will check they are using the handhelds correctly and is available to answer  questions. The trainer will remain on the floors with minibar staff for a couple of hours until they become comfortable using the system.

Further training is perfomed at the completion of minibar operations to show staff how to print reports and to reinforce learnings from earlier in the day. This is also a good opportunity to address further questions.

In essence, the trainer remains with minibar staff and trains them from the afternoon of day 1 all the way through day 2 ensuring they have ample opportunity to learn the correct use of the system.

Minibarmaster is easy to learn. We have found from previous experience gained by installing many Minibarmaster systems that people with little or no computer experience will learn to use the system correctly after initial training and familiarisation.

Front Office Training

Front office staff are trained how to use Minibarmaster Management Tools. They are shown how the postings can be viewed, and advised of the changes to operations that will be required to manage denials and walkouts. They are shown how to identify  postings in the PMS, and are trained how to read the Minibarmaster reports they will be given every day by minibar staff requiring them to late charge guests.

Follow Up Training

A week after the site has gone live, we perform follow up training with minibar staff to ensure they are using the system correctly. This is done over the telephone. We particularly try and identify bad practises or incorrect operations before they become habits.

Further training on managing expired products is also performed two months later, again over the telephone.

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