Outline of the Minibarmaster installation process. This includes the pre-installation performed off site at our office, as well as the on-site installation steps.


Before we arrive on site to install Minibarmaster, a customised database file must be configured with a variety of information including the minibar items and prices, the hotel floor plan, the names of the minibar staff who will use the system, and other parameters. This is part of the pre-installation service included with the purchase of every system.

The information used to set up the database is obtained from hotel staff when they answer a questionnaire we provide the hotel.

We also liaise with your IT people to obtain the relevant IT information, to ensure Minibarmaster will be fully compliant with the hotel's IT infrastructure and operate flawlessly to deliver the expected gains to the property.

We prepare the handhelds for use including labelling with their ID number, and fit them into a leather or rubber case to ensure they are fully protected from physical damage.

Site installation

Site installation is undertaken by our fully trained technicians anywhere in the Australia and New Zealand regions.

We typically come on site over a period of two days. The first day is used to perform the isntallation. We install all software and fully test the entire system to ensure correct operation. It is then certified ready to run live.

If a Smart Interface is purchased, a Fidelio technician will also be present on site, to install software on the Fidelio interface computer in conjunction with our technician.

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