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Minibarmaster can be rolled out and trained to any hotel worldwide.

Regardless whether your hotel is located in our neighbourhood in the Australia/New Zealand region or anywhere in the world, we can roll out a Minibarmaster system to benefit your hotel's business.

We prepare the system locally using information you provide about your hotel's minibar items, prices, floor plans, and staff names. This includes preparing the manual, all software and the handhelds in a ready to use state. 

We ship the system to your property and work with your IT people to install and test it using remote access to your PMS system, through Webex, TeamViewer or LogMeIn.

We then undertake training with your staff using the same remote access tools to show them how the software operates, and teach them how to use it.

The following day we go live and monitor the system's health throughout the day, ensuring everything is operating correctly and staff understand how to use the system. 

We complete the roll out with a conference call with the front office and F&B managers, and go through a PowerPoint presentation outlining how Minibarmaster posts and what changes will be visible in the PMS.

At all times we ask questions to ensure issues are identified and resolved, to maximise the effectiveness of the system.

The licensing, support, pricing, features, functions, roll out and training are identical in every Minibarmaster product regardless of the hotel's location, so you have complete confidence your property will be treated as "one of the family"  whether it's in Sydney Australia or anywhere in the world.

Please contact us to find out more information.

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