FAQs - Smart interface

Frequently asked questions about the Smart Interface used with Minibarmaster Premium

What Is The Benefit Of The Smart Interface? 
The Smart Interface is included only with  Minibarmaster Premium and allows the charges recorded on the handheld to be electronically sent to guest accounts in Fidelio or Opera, and eliminates the need for someone to post collections manually. This saves a lot of labour, and reduces denials because charges reach the guest account sooner. In addition, it knows which rooms are vacant and will calculate losses and post them to the write off accountst.

How long does it take for charges to reach guest accounts?
Using Minibarmaster Premium, minibar associates check rooms and record sales on their handhelds. Sales are posted to guest accounts virtually instantly after being recorded on the handhelds.

How are denials handled?
Minibarmaster Premium's Smart Interface knows if a room is vacant or occupied, and also knows how much the guest paid on departure (for departed rooms). If the guest has departed and paid minibar and there is a variance, the Smart Interface will calculate the variance and post it to the hotel nominated write off account. The interface is "smart" because it posts the loss - not the total amount consumed.

Does Minibarmaster Premium generate a report after posting?
Minibarmaster generates a detailed report showing each room posted, the amount recorded on the handheld, the amount paid by the guest (for departed rooms), the amount posted, the time of posting, the posting account (room or write off account), and the room status at the time of posting (vacant or occupied). The report is easy to read and comprehensive.

How many times can I post during the day?
Sales are continually posted to the guest accounts by the Smart Interface as they are recorded on the handheld from the floors. There are no restrictions.

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