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Frequently asked questions about general aspects of Minibarmaster Premium and Minibarmaster Essential.

What is the difference between Minibarmaster Premium and Minibarmaster Essential?
The Premium system is wireless and is only applicable for properties who use Opera or Fidelio as their PMS. It includes an interface to post directly to guest accounts. The Essential system is also wireless and identical to the Premium system in this respect, but does not include the interface into the PMS. It can however be used with any PMS ie it's not constrained only for Opera or Fidelio sites. Even though it doesn't offer an interface, it does make available an electronic file with all the postings to rooms and write off accounts, which can be uploaded into most PMS's, thus allowing postings to be done in a few minutes. In  addition, the Essential system is at a much lower cost.

How easy will it be to use Minibarmaster?
One of the primary design goals of the product was to make the system easy to use, and cater for all users, regardless of their experience with computers and IT products. Minibarmaster can be mastered within a few hours of use. Virtually every property we have installed asystem into, has staff where english is not their first language and they rarely use computers and handheld PDAs, yet they are able to master Minibarmaster.

Is the system scalable? What hotel size can it accommodate?
Minibarmaster can accommodate a hotel with a large amount of rooms. See technical specifications for details.

How does Minibarmaster know what my minibar items, prices, rooms, floors and users are?
Electronics By Design will customise the databases when we install the system, based on information received from the client about the hotel. The information can be easily edited at any time to accommodate changes to the minibar, floor plans or users.

What support is available to me?
Our objective is to resolve all issues to your complete satisfaction, in a timely manner. We offer product support via telephone, email and on-site service if required. Virtually all issues can be resolved over the phone, or with the assistance of the hotel's IT people. More details can be found in Support .

Do I need to update my PC or operating system to use the system?
Typically not as Minibarmaster does not require high performance hardware or software to operate. A Pentium III PC or later with Windows software will run the system pefectly.

However, we suggest you read the system requirements to ensure your system meets with the minimum requirements to run Minibarmaster.

Does the system need to be installed on a dedicated PC?
No. Any PC can be used and it does not need to be dedicated to Minibarmaster. The PC however must meet the minimum system requirements .

How often do I need to recharge the batteries on the handheld?
Your handheld can be charged using the supplied charger. A fully charged handheld can be used for 8 hours before re-charging is required.

I have never used Microsoft Access. How easy is it use?
Minibarmaster uses Microsoft Access for generating reports and analysing information. The Managements Tools include pre-configured reports. These are activated using pushbuttons, making it not only fast, but also a breeze to use. More information can be found in Minibarmaster Management Tools .

How do I change or add minibar items or users?
The database file is configured by Electronics By Design specifically for your hotel, based on the information you provide us with respect to the minibar items, the floors and rooms of the hotel, stock suppliers and the users of the system. This is done during system installation. If you wish to change any of the setups, you can do so yourself quite easily using Microsoft Access and the comprehensive instructions we provide when the system is installed. Alternatively we can do it for you for a small fee.

Can I upgrade the system in the future?
Yes you can. There are two types of software upgrades - performance upgrades and functional upgrades. Performance upgrades include enhancements - for example to improve operational speed, but do not add functionality. Functional upgrades add new features.


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