Overview of the benefits Minibarmaster Premium and Minibarmaster Essential will bring to your hotel operations.

Minibarmaster Benefits

Minibarmaster's numerous productivity benefits and cost savings can be realised by all hotels with minibar facilities, regardless of their size. Minibarmaster offers the following benefits:

  • Saves time for front office: Minibarmaster Premium allows minibar charges to be electronically recorded and posted directly to guest accounts and write off accounts in Opera. This completely eliminates the time consuming task of manually posting minibar. Minibarmaster Essential also saves time by producing an easy to read postings report showing all charges to be posted to guest rooms and write off accounts. This allows front office to post minibar quickly and efficiently.
  • Saves time for minibar attendants: Recording sales on a handheld device is much quicker than using a manual pen and paper system. There are no minibar dockets to juggle and no clipboards to carry, allowing faster room to room throughput. It's also significantly quicker than posting through a TV or telephone, because minibar attendants don't have to repeatedly stop to use a phone or TV to post.
  • Reduces denials and walkouts: Either Minibarmaster system will allow minibar charges to be visible to front office cashiers, literally seconds after the room is checked. This maximises the opportunity to charge guests before they depart and reduce denials and walkouts.
  • Streamlines replenishment: using Minibarmaster's replenishment report, the replenishment trolley can be loaded with the precise items required for each floor, taking out the guesswork and lightening the load on the trolley, thus making it less of an OH&S hazard. In addition, minibar staff are provided with an instant list of the items to be replaced in each room, which allows multiple floors to be handled simultaneously.
  • Provides improved stock control: the detailed sales reports can be used by the purchasing department to audit stock, and automatically generate purchase orders. 
  • Minibar staff productivity can be analysed by generating reports to show how long staff take to move from room to room, how many rooms they are checking over any given period, and breaks taken and when they were taken. This allows management to see who are the fastest and slowest staff.
  • Improves management's visibility and control: Minibarmaster's comprehensive reporting on sales trends, inventory and profitability are placed at your fingertips. Customised reporting can be designed and added to the core functionality of the system at any stage.
  • Products that are past their use-by date can be identified, on a room by room basis. A report is generated to show rooms with stock that is close to it's expiry date, and hence staff can check and remove the stock before a guest complains.
  • Provides product range flexibility: Minibarmaster can accommodate hundreds of minibar arrangements meaning you can vary minibar selections in different rooms and different floors to cater for the interests and tastes of your guests. Minibarmaster will provide prompt feedback on sales trends to let you know how successful the product introduction has been.
  • DND reporting allows minibar associates to generate a report showing the DND rooms and the time an attempt was made to check them. This allows staff to easily recheck them later, ensuring none are missed and no revenue is lost.
  • Improved customer service: using the sales inquiry screen, guest minibar usage can be accessed at any time, making it a breeze to answer inquiries from customers, post check out.

With all these benefits, it is clear why either Minibarmaster system will deliver increased profitability to your hotel.

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