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Minibarmaster is an innovative, electronic system designed to record, manage, report and post minibar sales to guest accounts.

Developed in Australia by Electronics By Design, Minibarmaster Premium and Minibarmaster Essential use wireless handhelds to allow staff to record minibar sales as they check rooms, and wirelessly post them whilst on the floors. Both systems offer numerous productivity benefits and cost savings, in comparison to the traditional pen and paper systems used in many hotels.

The detailed reporting options provided on sales, staff productivity, expired products, stock ordering and DND rooms, provide management and staff with the tools needed to heighten insight and control of their minibar business. It enables hotels to more accurately and efficiently record and post minibar sales, and manage daily replenishment as well as reducing denials, walkouts and labour. The end result is increased profitability.

Minibarmaster Premium

Minibarmaster Premium is fully interfaced with Opera or Galaxy, using the Smart Interface. It will automatically post charges directly to guest accounts without any user intervention. This results in full integration into the PMS. 

Minibarmaster Essential

Minibarmaster Essential is a lower cost system allowing automatic posting to front office cashiers, allowing them to view the charges and quickly enter the total amount into the guest account at the point of check out.

Interfacing with the PMS can also be performed using the semi-automatic Virtual Interface to post minibar charges to guest acounts by providing an electronic file of all the postings for all rooms. A staff member can upload this file into guest accounts in a matter of minutes elliminating the need to post manually through a keyboard (PMS dependant).

What Is The Difference Between The Two Systems?

The Premium system automatically posts minibar charges directly to guest accounts without user intervention and is only available for properties with Opera or Galaxy PMS.

The Essential system automatically posts charges to front office cashiers, but requires a semi-automatic process to go the next step and post to guest accounts.

The Premium system is a higher cost product and is usually purchased outright. The Essential system is a much lower cost solution based on a monthly rental fee over a minimum 3 month period and then month by month with no early termination fees.

What Is Identical In Both Systems?

In all other aspects, the two systems are identical. Both systems are wireless and use the mobile phone network or Wi-Fi to perform this function.

Both systems include the same Windows based reporting tools. and exactly the same software on the handhelds, with identical functionality and operation.

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